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Economic benefit of billet reheating furnace should not be ignored

steel billet induction heating furnace to the process of rolling ingots into billets in the rolling mill, which destroys the as-cast structure of ingots. Billet rolling is a new technology developed on the basis of the appearance of continuous casting steel in recent years. After the billet is out of the continuous casting machine, the billet is installed on the rolling mill, or heated in the billet heating furnace, and then rolled and molded.

The billet rolling process has the following advantages: the continuous casting and rolling process will make full use of the billet residual heat, only the billet heating furnace increases the surface of the billet at 200 μ 300 ℃, and then the continuous casting billet is fed into the rolling mill, which can save energy by 50% / 80%. No longer heating, increase product length, coil weight or weight, can reduce burn-cut damage, increase the yield by more than 3%. Because of the simplification of the production process, the billet inventory can be reduced, the production cycle can be greatly shortened, the equipment can be reduced, the area occupied can be reduced, thus the investment and production cost can be saved. To improve the casting section of billet continuous caster, simple and easy to use immersion nozzle and new casting technology, so as to solve the technical difficulties of casting small section of billet continuous caster in small and medium-sized plants.


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