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Durable and reliable Square pipe heat treatment line from Forever manufacturer !

Durable and reliable Square pipe heat treatment line from Forever manufacturer !


Do you want to buy durable and reliable Square pipe heat treatment line? If yes, please contact Forever. The customer has ordered the second Square pipe heat treatment line with us because of its reliable performance.

Our square pipe induction heat treating line advantages:

1. Adopting IGBT frequency conversion control technology with high efficiency and energy saving.

2.With constant current and constant power control capability, our Square pipe heat treatment line greatly optimize the heating process of the metal, to achieve efficient and rapid heating.

3.Induction heating power supply has time setting functions for heating- holding- cooling.The most important is that the heating and holding function can be adjusted separately to get the required heating and holding suitable for batch, repetitive heating requirements.

4.Square pipe heat treatment line has many self-protection functions including over-current, over-voltage, water shortage to provide higher reliability and durability.

5.Safe and reliable: There is protection cover for the induction heater and capacitor.

6.Medium frequency induction heating power can work under full load conditions and can work continuously for 24 hours. It can be equipped with infrared temperature measurement to realize automatic control of temperature, improve heating quality and simplify operation of workers.

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