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Drill pipe continuous quenching and tempering furnace can create economic wealth for you.

Drill pipe continuous quenching and tempering furnace can create economic wealth for you.

With the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the state strongly advocates the development of energy saving and environment-friendly metal heating. However, some metal manufacturers such as drill pipes, steel rods and steel pipes still insist on extensive production. They believe that the same process is to complete the heating of metal workpieces such as drill pipes. Why must we give up the old equipment, and do not feel where the environmental protection of the new continuous quenching and tempering furnace is reflected. Do you have such questions? Forever wants to tell you: the development of green coal economy is not just talk about it.

Since the concept of sustainable development and green production was put forward, the government has issued the banning and rectification of metal heating treatment plants with high pollution and waste in the production process. Once production stops, the metal heating plant lose will be big. From the point of view of Forever, it is our mission to provide environment-friendly drill pipe Induction heat treatment furnace and other induction heating equipment to help enterprises reduce production costs and create greater production value for customers. So, how can Forever’s induction heating equipment help customers complete green production and create an environment-friendly economy?

The economic performance of a metal processing plant is mainly based on output, and high yield can have yield high returns. Compared with traditional coal-fired furnace and gas-fired furnace, drill pipe continuous quenching and tempering furnace adopts electromagnetic induction heating technology, which does not need preheating when heating drill pipe and can restart 99% of the furnace with high heating efficiency; drill pipe continuous quenching and tempering furnace adopts PLC intelligent control system to realize the unmanned whole process of workpiece feeding-conveying-heating-discharging, and the production efficiency is high. At the same time, it also saves manpower. More importantly, the environmentally friendly drill pipe induction heat treatment furnace produced by Forever has no dust and exhaust gas in the process of drill pipe heating, which conforms to the energy-saving and environmental protection policy.

On the road of developing green steel economy with environmental protection and energy saving, induction heating equipment such as energy-saving and environment-friendly grinding steel bar quenching furnace, stabilizer rod induction heating furnace, drill pipe quenching and tempering line are in the forefront of the industry.  Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of electromechanical machinery manufacturers. The core technology advantages enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Welcome to contact with us for more details and videos. 


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