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Does the use of steel bar heat treatment quenching and tempering furnace have these advantages? You know what

In the metal workpiece heat treatment industry, there is such a fully intelligent metal workpiece heat treatment equipment -induction heating steel rod quenching and tempering furnace, which is deeply favored by the majority of enterprises. Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in automobile, railway, ship, bridge, petroleum, machinery, hardware, wind power generation and other industries.

Characteristics and advantages of FOREVER electromechanical integrated bar quenching and tempering furnace:

1. Energy saving type: steel rod quenching and tempering furnace has large single unit production capacity, high thermal efficiency, low unit energy consumption and low production cost. The system has the unique function of force and angle determination mode selection of FOREVER Electromechanical. Equal power mode: when higher power is required in the low frequency band or other situations, the medium frequency voltage and DC voltage can be continuously improved, the load impedance can be matched and adjusted automatically, and the DC voltage can be fully loaded and output. It can achieve relatively stable power output, save time, electricity and energy.

2. The steel bar induction medium frequency heat treatment quenching and tempering furnace has low investment cost and realizes the integration of heating, quenching, tempering and transportation. The structural design of the full set of induction heat treatment furnace is reasonable and does not need straightening, dust removal and other related equipment, which reduces many advantages such as enterprise investment cost and daily maintenance cost.

The unique man-machine interface has a high degree of automation, humanized operation instructions, simple system control, high degree of automation, fully digitized parameters and adjustable depth, so that you can easily reduce the operation labor cost in steel bar quenching and tempering furnace and unattended workshop.


3. Environmental protection: the steel bar heating furnace has low preheating vibration, low noise, full load operation, combined with a number of patented technologies to achieve efficient heating.

FOREVER electromechanical steel bar quenching and tempering furnace has been widely adopted and recognized for its advantages of integrated processing, simple operation mode conversion, flexible operation, energy saving and environmental protection. Thus, it has become a favorite induction heat treatment equipment for many users. The company specializes in the supply of steel bar quenching and tempering furnace, other induction heat treatment furnace and induction heating equipment, and is equipped with various intelligent heat treatment furnaces. If necessary, you can contact FOREVER electromechanical professionals through ITU or wechat for detailed quotation and scheme. The steel bar quenching and tempering furnace produced by our factory adopts the newly developed control system, which has excellent quality such as energy saving, high efficiency and stability, and has created great economic benefits for you in the later stage.


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