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Do you know? The continuous casting billet heating furnace need closed cooling tower for cooling the whole system

Do you know? The continuous casting billet heating furnace need closed cooling tower for cooling the whole system

The water cooling system is one of the important parts of the continuous casting billet heating furnace. If the proper water cooling system is selected, the service life of the electric continuous casting billet heating furnace will be improved. For continuous casting billet heating furnace used for billet rolling, we will usually provide a complete set of induction billet heater, including mechanical transmission and a complete set of water cooling system.

The continuous casting billet heating furnace produced by Forever adopts closed water cooling system with high heat exchange efficiency. Pure water is used in internal circulation and common industrial water is used in external circulation. The users can normally produce billet without building a pool.

The working principle and performance characteristics of the closed cooling tower are as follows:

1. The main engine is brand new imported brand compressor from Japan and the United States, with built-in safety protection, low noise and power saving.

2. Electrical parts are the original products of Schneider- an international brand, to ensure that the machine works stably and has a long life.

3.Import Italy original pump, large flow, high efficiency, durable.

4. Equipped with imported precision digital display temperature controller, it can accurately control the water temperature at ±1℃ and set the temperature range from 5 – 50.

5.All stainless steel thick water tank evaporator, built-in automatic water supply device, cleaning and maintenance is convenient and fast.

6. The condenser of water-cooled unit is sleeve-type with inner thread copper tube, which has reasonable design and good heat transfer effect; the cooling row of air-cooled unit is composed of fin and row copper tube and the production line of mechanical heat exchanger with double flanging fin is adopted to ensure high quality and efficiency.

7. Electrostatic spraying shell, Europeanized design, beautiful and generous, the outer panel adopts the form of rapid disassembly, easy to use and maintain.

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