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Do you know that there are two main types of Forever induction heating equipment?

Do you know that there are two main types of Forever induction heating equipment?

Forever specializes in the production of induction heating equipment and hardening and tempering furnace for more than 20 years with rich experience. Our main products are: billet heating equipment, steel tube heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, threaded steel heating furnace, plate quenching heat treatment equipment, oil casing hardening and tempering furnace and many other induction heating equipment. Do you know the models of control? We’d like to share with you.

In the high-frequency operation of induction heating equipment, high-power switchgear will have slight heating, so it is necessary to cool the control panel to prevent the induction heating equipment from stopping operation due to the overheating of the control panel. There are two types of Forever induction heating furnace to cool the heating power control panel, one is air cooling, the other is water cooling. Of course, air cooling and water cooling are selected and applied according to the actual situation.

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Forever Air-cooled Induction Heating Equipment and Water-cooled Equipment:
There are two pipes in the power supply of Forever water-cooled induction heating equipment, one is the inlet pipe, the other is the outlet pipe. Water-cooled heating power supply has certain requirements for water quality. It is better to use tap water or well water and special cooling water. Another problem is that water-cooled induction heating power supply is not suitable in the north or some low temperature areas. Because the temperature is too low, the cooling water can not work, or even freeze, which can not achieve the effect of water cooling. In the southern region, water cooling is more suitable, and its main advantage lies in the good cooling effect.

The power supply of air cooling induction heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment, hardening and tempering heat treatment production line also known as air cooling, because the cooling method is to install exhaust fans on induction heating equipment to cool the air. The exhaust fan is installed in the power cabinet. After the power supply is connected, the fan starts to change and the fan is cooled, which works the same as the fan in the main engine controlled by PLC. Advantages of air-cooled power supply: convenient installation, no need to install water pipes, no need for water quality, not affected by climate environment, good cooling effect.

The induction heating equipment produced by Forever has stable performance, energy saving, environmental protection and high production efficiency. If you have consultation on induction heating equipment, you can call our hotline at any time to provide quotation and solution consultation free of charge. 


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