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Copper rod heating furnace

The copper rod heating furnace, copper tube heating furnace, copper rod heat treatment equipment, and copper rod heating equipment are professionally produced by Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory. The copper rod heating furnace produced by Forever strictly follows detailed process management and ensures product quality. The high-quality after-sales service of the copper rod heating furnace allows you to choose Forever without any worries!Induction heating machine

Characteristics of copper bar heating furnace:

1. Used for heating copper bars, iron bars, and aluminum bars Continuous pipe/ tube heat treatment furnace

2. Copper rod heating furnace, ultra small size, movable, convenient for use with any forging or rolling equipment:

3. All solid-state IGBT frequency conversion and functional adjustment, soft switch resonance dual regulation and frequency automatic tracking technology, copper rod heating furnace is a guarantee of high reliability: installation, debugging, and operation are very convenient, and you can learn:

4. Induction heating allows the bar to be heated to the required temperature in a short period of time, infinitely reducing metal oxidation, saving material and improving forging quality

5. Medium frequency heating for bars above 15, more permeable, uniform, and faster

6. The copper bar heating furnace can operate continuously for 24 hours:

7. Automatic feeding of medium frequency reheating furnace:Automatic induction heating furnace

8. Save electricity, protect the environment, reduce costs and labor expenses, thereby compressing product costs;

9. Convenient replacement of furnace body to meet different requirements for overall heating or end heating of copper bars

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