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Continuous casting billet heating equipment

continuous casting billet heating furnace is usually used to heat the continuous casting billet during the casting process.

Selection of heating equipment for continuous casting billets:

-Capacity requirements: Select appropriate equipment capacity based on production needs.

-Energy efficiency: Consider the energy utilization efficiency of the equipment and choose energy-saving equipment.

-Control system: Select equipment with advanced control systems to improve operational accuracy.

Maintenance of Continuous billet heating furnace:

1. Regularly inspect the coil and sensing head: Ensure that the coil and sensing head are not damaged or damaged.

2. Keep clean: Regularly clean equipment to prevent dust and dirt from affecting work efficiency.

3. Check the power system: Regularly check the power system to ensure stable power connections.

4. Timely repair: When faults are found, repair them promptly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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