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Contact with the best bar quenching furnace manufacturer(Forever) with more investment !

Contact with the best bar quenching furnace manufacturer(Forever) with more investment !

Forever specializes in producing induction heat treatment furnace for long bars quenching. We really have many successful cases from customers, having more than 20 years of rich experience in induction heating equipment field, such as grinding rod quenching equipment, torsion bar quenching line, tubing quenching and tempering line, sucker rod quenching and tempering furnace.

As a professional bar quenching furnace manufacturer, Forever wil invest too much money on the research and development of bar quenching furnace power supply nad induction heaters in order to make our machines have longer service life and more reliable performance. What’s most important, we are focus on researching the automation of the whole system, we are working hard on how to achieve the full automation with only start one button and ensure all the parameters are in the normal control.

The bar quenching furnace is controlled by medium frequency air-cooled or water-cooled induction heating power supply. The frequency induction heating power supply is designed as full touch screen control, pure digital setting, complete process record and strict grade authority. The main parameters can be restored to factory settings by one key, and the unique load matching test function can be used to test the load matching situation directly after changing the load. It has high production efficiency and complete protection function for bar quenching furnace. Medium frequency induction heating power supply is designed by technical engineer of Forever engineers. It saves energy and has long service life. The production cost for customers of induction heating equipment is relatively low, that is to say, buying bar quenching furnace with low price will bring extremely high cost to customers. Production efficiency.

The workpiece produced by the bar quenching furnace is uniformly heated, no over-burning, no cracks, tensile strength and toughness and hardness can meet the national production standards because our production line equipment for long bar quenching induction is using double-color American Raytek thermometer to control the temperature.

Forever long steel bar quenching furnace control system: PLC control system, with industrial touch screen or industrial computer. Siemens PLC in an independent control cabinet, which can provide all the mechanical action and heating power status of the real process control, including: the beginning of the quenching operation of all prerequisites, operating mode, moving signal time control, all process data control and recording, all operational errors recorded. We have many years of research and development and manufacturing experience in the field of induction heat treatment equipment and has made outstanding achievements in the heat treatment industry. 


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