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Composite steel pipe induction hardening furnace

Advantages and characteristics of composite Steel pipe hardening furnace :

1. Reasonable structure, small footprint, and self-contained production line

The composite steel pipe quenching line has a compact overall structure, stable performance, and a small footprint of the entire equipment, allowing users to plan their space usage reasonably.

2. High level of intelligence, safe and easy to operate

The Steel pipe induction heating furnace adopts a PLC control system and touch screen display, with high intelligence, one click control, more convenient installation.

3. Good environmental adaptability, can also be produced in harsh environments

The quenching line for medium frequency induction heating of composite steel pipes is equipped with a frequency converter drive for production, achieving stepless adjustment and controllable operating speed. The entire equipment is suitable for various harsh environments and has a wide processing range.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection in production

The production process of the intermediate frequency steel pipe heat treatment production line does not produce harmful substances, effectively improving the working environment for workers. Using induction frequency to quench steel pipes has a high yield and is more energy-efficient.

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