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China quenching and tempering line supplier

China quenching and tempering line supplier


Quenching and tempering is one of the induction heat treating process for steel products line steel bar, steel pipe, steel billet and steel plate. Quenching and tempering consists of a two-stage heat-treatment process. One is quenching for improving steel hardness, and another one is tempering for improving toughness.

Forever quenching and tempering line advantages:

1 .Forever quenching and tempering line adopts the SIEMENS IGBT and the Forever unique technology
2. The power can be adjustable during heating and holding, which is helpful for improving heating quality and repeatability and simplify workers’ operation skills. .
3 .Forever quenching and tempering line is easy to install. Only need to supply water and power.
4.As “one key” operation design, the user can easily master the operation very soon.
5.75% heating efficiency, energy saving then electric tube. No power will be  used in the standby status.
6.Instead of gas and other dangerous gas heating, no open flame production.More safe.

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