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China manufacturer of bar quenching and tempering line

China manufacturer of bar quenching and tempering line

Technical characteristics of bar quenching and tempering production line:

1.Efficiency: fast heating speed, no oxide layer, heating from surface to the core; small temperature difference from surface to core.

2.Energy saving: using IGBT as the main component, compared to the old heating methods, heating efficiency can be up to65%~75%.

3. Wide frequency: Available for different diameter of bar quenching and tempering, such as ø6-100mm, ø50-80mm etc. as we can equip different induction heater.

Characteristics of bar quenching and tempering production line:

The installation is simple: only need to supply power and water, and no special installation is required;

Easy to handle: ordinary employees can learn how to operate in a few minutes

Quick start: start heating immediately after water and power supply.

Less power consumption: it saves about 30% than the old electronic tube intermediate frequency equipment, and the smaller the workpiece, the less power consumption

The effect is good: the heating is very uniform, the temperature is fast, and the oxide layer is little.

Adjustable power: the output power can be adjusted according to the heating requirement of the workpiece.

Protection: it is equipped with alarm indication such as over voltage, over current, over heating, water shortage, and automatic control and protection.

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