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Characteristics of steel pipe hardening furnace

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[Equipment power] 500KW-3200KW

[Equipment frequency] 1000-8000HZ

[Production capacity] 1.5-10 tons/hour

[Applicable scope]: ∅ 20- ∅ 600, wall thickness 2.5mm-10mm

[Energy conversion]: Adopting quenching method, consumes 280-320 degrees of electricity per ton

Characteristics of Steel pipe quenching production line :

1. Easy to operate and maintain design

2. The control power of the automatic speed sensor is proportional to the line speed

3. Recipe storage and retrieval

4. Integrated temperature sensing

5. Guidelines for High Wear Ceramic Pipes

6. Integrated pump system

7. Solid state inverters can operate at both intermediate and high frequencies.

8. PLC fully automatic control program


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Post time: 10-06-2023