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Buy Quench and temper line for bars, pipes,tubes,go Forever!

Buy Quench and temper line for bars, pipes,tubes,go Forever!

Quenching and tempering is one of heat treatment process ,which plays an important role in the bars & pipes heat treatment. Then quenching and tempering line purchasing is very important for the user as it will decide your work piece performance.

Actually in the field of induction heating, induction heat treating is more difficult than simple heating to some temperature for forging. as it is involved in the material internal structure changes. For example, quenching is for improving steel hardness and tempering is for improving the toughness. Only when the parts get these performance, then it can work well in the actual application. As a result, user have to pay more attention when buying quenching and tempering line.

Whether you want to buy quenching and tempering line for bars, pipes, tubes or billet, such as sucker rod, square steel bar, rebars, deformed bars, casing, tubing and so on, Forever already has deep research in the designing and manufacturing. Our successful cases is the best proof. Welcome to contact us for video and other documents.

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