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Billet induction heating furnace

Purchase steel damaged induction heating furnace, identify Forever electromechanical, focus on the research and development and production of induction heating equipment, and ensure product safety, reliability, and stable performance. Steel damage induction heating furnace is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient. We have produced dozens of sets of equipment, and the induction heating furnace for steel billets has stable performance, uniform heating, no bending or deformation. The equipment has a one-year warranty and lifelong technical guidance for you.Induction heating machine

Equipment power: 1000KW-12000KW

Equipment frequency: 500Hz-1200Hz

Production capacity: 40-300t/h

Workpiece size: 120mm-160mm square damaged, 3000mm-1200mm long

Applicable workpieces: steel billets, square billets, square steel, etc Billet induction heating furnace

Energy conversion: Depending on the surface temperature of the steel billet, each ton consumes tens to tens of degrees of electricity

Feeding system: Each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer, with multiple axis drives set and a single frequency converter controlled to synchronize the operation of multiple axes.

Guiding system: 304 non-magnetic stainless steel guide wheels are used, and the axial elasticity of the guide wheels is maintained to adapt to the bending of the steel billet within the allowable range.Square billet heating furnace

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