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Billet induction heating furnace

Design parameters of steel damage heating induction furnace:

1. The total heating power of the steel damage heating induction furnace is 2500Kw (specific parameters can be designed according to your needs)induction billet heater

2. The steel reheating furnace adopts a heating line, which is divided into three zones for heating. The total load of the steel reheating furnace is 2500Kw. The heating speed can meet 3.0m/min. The heating mode of the induction furnace for this steel is longitudinal heating of the workpiece, with three internal zones: preheating zone, heating zone, and insulation zonebillet induction reheating machine


3. Three sets of intermediate frequency energy-saving induction heating power supplies control the production of a complete steel damage heating induction furnace

4. The mechanical part of the steel damage online heating furnace is composed of a storage platform, a feeding system, a discharge system, a water-cooled roller, a temperature measurement system, a control system, etc

You can contact our technical engineers by phone or WeChat for on-site video of the steel damaged heating induction furnace. We will have professional technicians to customize the medium frequency induction heating equipment plan for your needs. As long as you inform us of your workpiece size, material, process requirements, and production efficiency, Yuantuo technicians will design a practical medium frequency induction heating equipment plan based on your needs to meet your satisfaction.

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Post time: 07-28-2023