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Bar induction heating forging furnace send to Indonesia

Bar  Induction heating forging furnace send to Indonesia.

The power of forging heating equipment designed by Yuantuo Electromechanical can reach 6000KW, with excellent safety protection performance, small space occupied, optimizing the connection between the power supply and the furnace body to reduce equipment energy consumption; infrared temperature measuring forging heating furnace realizes automatic feeding, heating, discharge sorting, and adopts PLC central control system, integrated design, simple and convenient operation and strong controllability. Forging heating furnace can be produced online with other mechanical equipment to reduce the transportation time of workpiece and provide production efficiency.

Design features of Induction heating furnace for forging:

1, infrared temperature measurement forging heating furnace as its name, equipped with infrared thermometer, heating display accurate temperature control, automatic control of power frequency, achieve uniform heating, ensure the heating quality of the workpiece;
2, bar heating equipment low maintenance rate, simple operation;
3, Yuantuo mechanical and electrical forging heating furnace technology is mature, durable products, good thermal processing effect;
4, the heating speed is fast, the temperature difference of the workpiece core table is small, no oxidation skin, deoxy phenomenon, the workpiece burn rate is low;
5. Advanced technology, steel bar forging heating equipment has good sealing effect, no noise, no dust, no waste gas and other pollution, in line with the environmental protection requirements of relevant departments.

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