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Automatic short bar quenching tempering line for sale

Automatic short bar quenching tempering line for sale 

Forever Short bar quenching tempering line is specialized used for short bar/rod induction heat treating like quenching, tempering or annealing. Factory sale for Short bar quenching tempering line with proven design, professional design and reasonable prices.

Forever short bar quenching and tempering advantages

1. All the circuits are digitalized. All the parameters can be digitally modified on the touch screen or remote device. It has the characteristics of high reliability, strong anti-interference ability and fast response.
2.The induction heater is designed according to different parameters of the workpiece.
3. The short bar quenchign and tempering line roller table is using 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, oblique and cooling through water, greatly extend the service life of roller.
4.Forever new roller design is ceramic roller, which can reduce the workpiece wear during running.
5.After quenching and tempering the workpiece does not need straightening, no bending, no deformation phenomenon, because our the heating temperature and cooling temperature is uniform.

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