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Automatic quench and temper line is worthy to see

Automatic quench and temper line is worthy to see

Forever automatic quench and temper line has the following features:

1. Forever quench and temper line is customized made as per users’ requirements. After the quench and temper line is finished, Forever will invite the user to come to our factory for testing.

2 .The large power IF induction heating power supply equipped with the induction heat treating line can realize the high-power operation of one machine. It is simple and convenient, and the operation is more stable.

3. Perfect internal spraying system can accelerate the cooling speed of the inner hole, thus improving the quality of quenching. The inner and outer hardened layers are evenly distributed, and the inner hole is prevented from entering water.

4. The control system of the quench and temper line can track the parameters of each workpiece in the process of quenching and tempering, and can record and store the parameters.

5. After using Forever induction heat treating technology, the bars or pipes can obtain very good linearity, which means that you do not need to spend huge cost to buy heavy straightening equipment.

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