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Artificial intelligence is one of the highlights of steel bar quenching furnace

Artificial intelligence is one of the highlights of steel bar quenching furnace

Artificial intelligence is a high-tech term, intelligence is very close to our life. In our daily life, there is intelligent device everywhere, the most common to see is the mobile-phone. In the field of heat treatment, steel bar quenching furnace is not a simple heat treatment equipment, but a high-tech intelligent heat treatment equipment.

Steel bar quenching furnace, a kind of heat treatment machine for steel bar materials. This is a fully automatic intelligent equipment, automatic intelligent production, PLC control, automatic loading, automatic conveying, automatic heating and discharging. During the whole process, no need worker to operate, which only need the worker to start the system.

The induction heat treatment furnace of Forever can selectively heat the workpiece, either integrally or locally. Automated steel bar quenching furnace has strong adaptability, which can be installed on the production line, easy to achieve automatic mechanical production, save labor, reduce enterprise costs. At the same time, the same machine can achive different functions of steel bar heat treamtent including bar quenching, bar tempering and bar annealing ,which reduce user’s machine investment. There is no smoke, noise and so on in the production process, and there is no high temperature around the furnace body, which makes the working conditions of workers more comfortable.

Automatic and intelligent production line, specially customized man-machine interface, highly humanized operation instructions, all digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, simple operation, user can learn how to use it in a few minutes. All circuits are digitized. All parameters can be digitized on touch screen or remote induction quenching furnace. It has the characteristics of high reliability, strong anti-interference ability and fast reaction speed.

The long bar heat treatment machine adopts closed return water mode, which saves energy, saves energy and environmental protection, and has high production efficiency. No wonder that this high technology machine can win the market in the heat treatment field. 


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