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Are you aware of the induction billet heater selection? 5 suggestions teach you to choose easily.

Are you aware of the induction billet heater selection? 5 suggestions teach you to choose easily.

Induction billet heater, also known as billet induction heating furnace, is used in industry for drill pipe heating, steel rod heating, steel bar heating, steel plate heating, steel pipe heating and other metal workpiece heating equipment. Wide application range, super high heating accuracy and stable performance make induction billet heater become the favorite in the metal heating industry.

Induction heating equipment can be divided into drill pipe heating furnace, steel rod heating furnace, steel tube heating furnace, steel bar electric heating equipment, billet heating furnace and so on according to the workpiece size. Each equipment can be divided into different types according to the workpiece size. It is very important to choose a variety of equipment. We share with you the selection of induction heating furnace with more than 15 years’ experience.


The core of induction billet heater selection is to find out its own processing needs and choose according to needs.

1.The size of the workpiece to be heated. Note: Drill pipe heating furnace, steel bar heating electric furnace and other induction heating equipment belong to non-standard customized equipment, which needs non-standard customization. Therefore, when choosing induction heating furnace, such as drill pipe, steel bar, steel bar and billet, the workpiece size to be heated should be defined first.

2. When choosing and purchasing induction billet heater for drill pipe heating, the material of the workpiece should be made clear, because the melting point of the workpiece varies with different metal materials and different sizes.

3. Which equipment should be used. Metals heated by induction heating furnace often need to be forged or hot rolled. That is to make sure that the equipment is suitable for that process, and it is convenient to equip with forging press or rolling mill and other equipment. 


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