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Angang Group visiting Induction heating equipment Co., Ltd.

Recently, the director of the equipment Department of Angang Group and his party visited Hebei FOREVER equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Manager Wen, in charge of a sales department, and related engineering and technical personnel received a client and a delegation in the second floor conference room. Both sides have good communication and exchange regarding the selection and purchase of induction heating equipment for this visit.

The Angang Group is an old customer of FOREVER Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which produced four sets of induction heating equipment for the company during the period of 2016-2018. Medium-frequency heat treatment equipment automation, intelligent production line equipment, in which two sets of medium-frequency induction heating equipment rebar heating equipment, steel bar hot-rolling equipment; The other two sets are thread steel quenched and tempered heat treatment production line, thread steel quenching heat treatment equipment, these four sets of induction heating equipment automation production line equipment run well so far, the quality of Hebei FOREVER electromechanical automation and intelligent equipment by customers, The performance and so on have given the very high appraisal.

In the reception process of the steel bar heating production line and the steel bar hot rolling equipment, the relevant personnel of the remote electromechanical engineering technology explained in detail the automation of the four sets of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment purchased by the customer. The main process flow of the intelligent production line equipment and the basic knowledge and matters needing attention in operation and maintenance are also discussed. At the same time, the two sides have carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on some problems that may arise during the operation of the automation equipment. In order to follow up can be improved, can provide better service for customers.

After the meeting, accompanied by sales manager Wen, the customer and his party visited the production and assembly workshop of induction heating equipment. As a professional induction heating equipment and intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment manufacturer, FOREVER Machinery firmly believes that communication between enterprises and customers is very necessary, on the one hand, the automation of thread steel quenching and heat treatment line as a professional induction heating equipment, intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment manufacturers, remote electromechanical firmly believe that communication between enterprises and customers is very necessary. The enterprise can learn from the communication to sell to the customer the operation condition of the induction heating equipment, the customer’s demand, in order to provide the customer with more high-quality service; On the other hand, customers can learn more about the development and changes of the enterprise and the new product information of automatic and intelligent production line of induction heating equipment. Therefore, we sincerely welcome the old customers to visit and exchange at any time.


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Post time: 03-22-2019