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Analysis on several problems of Induction heating and quenching equipment known to a small number of people

hardening heat treatment furnace is in fact a very targeted electrical heating equipment, only in some areas will be used. This paper enumerates several common problems about induction heating and quenching equipment, and arranges and understands the knowledge of induction heating equipment during its use.

Induction heating and quenching equipment mainly rely on electromagnetic energy to complete the work of heating metal materials. When working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, the material enters the induction heating equipment, and the high-speed running induction coil causes the metal material to be heated by electromagnetic motion, and at the same time, after less than a minute, it is heated to more than 1,000 degrees. Then the transmission of the transmission device into the quenching tank, after quenching water tank to complete quenching, cooling to room temperature, so that the metal workpiece to achieve the desired purpose, the transfer of the discharging material again.

Different configurations of induction quenching equipment have different power requirements. Although the power of induction quenching equipment is high and low, the instantaneous power requirement at startup is still relatively high, which is much higher than the power after steady operation, mainly because the current at the start-up moment is very large. The power configuration of electric heating equipment produced by remote mechanical and electrical equipment is designed and produced according to a series of requirements, such as workpiece processing, production output, heating temperature, power supply configuration, etc. The power configuration of the equipment is more reasonable.


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