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Advantages and characteristics of steel ball forging production line

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Panoramic layout of steel ball forging production line

Advantages and characteristics of steel ball forging production line :

1. The steel ball forging production line has stable production, good hardenability, dense metallographic structure, small grains, and no deformation. The steel balls do not deform or lose their roundness, with low energy consumption, an impact of 12-35J/cm2, and a crushing rate of less than 1%;

2. The degree of automation is high, and the entire steel ball forging production line is automated from feeding to rolling, greatly reducing labor intensity, reducing human interference factors, and improving the quality of steel ball production.

3. Due to the fast heating speed of the intermediate frequency and the short contact time between the surface of the round steel and the air, the surface oxidation of the round steel is greatly reduced, the amount of oxide skin generated is reduced, the utilization rate of the round steel is improved, production costs are saved, and the production efficiency of steel balls is improved.

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