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Medium frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers need to choose carefully!

medium frequency induction furnace is a heat treatment equipment based on electromagnetic induction principle. It distributes alternating current evenly in metal workpiece through inductor. Eddy current generates heat and directly generates heat in metal workpiece. This kind of heating method has less heat loss, high heating efficiency, short heating time, high heating efficiency as high as 95%, the same power size, medium frequency diathermy furnace energy saving 20% or so than high frequency equipment of electronic tube.

Medium-frequency heating furnace generally consists of medium-frequency power supply, storage rack, conveying system, induction heating system and control system. Because induction heating furnace belongs to non-standard products, manufacturers also provide far-infrared thermometer, cooling tower, automatic feeding and blanking equipment. Manufacturers customize production according to the workpiece material, size, shape, process requirements and production efficiency of users. 。

There are many manufacturers in the market. Choosing manufacturers needs careful selection and comprehensive performance in all aspects. Hebei FOREVER Machinery and Electricity Co., Ltd. is a good manufacturer. It is more economical to choose and purchase.


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Post time: 03-19-2019