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600KW steel bar quenching heat treatment equipment

The KGP S600 steel bar quenching furnace ordered by the customer is specifically designed for the surface heat treatment production of large bar materials such as steel rods, grinding rods, wear-resistant steel rods with a diameter of 80m-110mn and a length of 6 meters!

This set of steel bar induction heat treatment machine is easy to operate, and heating parameters such as heating power and heating time can be easily set through the touch screen. The intermediate frequency power supply provides electrical energy to quickly reach the required temperature of the steel rod, and then quenching treatment is carried out through a spray quenching device to achieve ideal hardness and wear resistance. Specific process: First, place the steel rod to be processed on the material rack, set the required heating parameters, and then start the equipment. The intermediate frequency power supply provides high-frequency current to the induction coil, generating an alternating magnetic field. The steel rod is induced and heated in the alternating magnetic field, quickly reaching the required temperature. Finally, activate the spray quenching device for rapid quenching treatment.

The steel bar induction quenching furnace customized by Hebei Forever Electromechanical has the advantages of high efficiency, precise control, low energy consumption, simple operation, and high degree of automation. Widely used in surface heat treatment production of steel bars, providing customers with high-quality wear-resistant steel bar products. round-bar-induction-quenching-machine-supplier steel-bar-induction-hardening-equipment-china

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