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30*30 square tube induction quenching machine has been finished at Forever

30*30 square tube induction quenching machine has been finished at Forever

After one month efforts, Forever has finally finished the production of square tube induction heat treatment furnace for our domestic customer. 

Speaking this square tube induction heat treatment furnace, we can proudly say that we are in the leading position for the square tube induction quenching process. As square tube is a special shape tube and the thickness is only 2mm. homogeneous heating and cooling. If the heating temperature is not uniform, the microstructer can not get uniform fine grains. Another problem is that the mechanical conveying detail. Actually, we have already finished one set of square tube induction quenching machine for this customer last year, and we got good feedback after the user one year operation. So this year, they placed an order of three sets of tube induction quenching machines. 

Forever tube hardening and tempering furnace is controlled by series resonant medium frequency induction power supply which is unique and can realize high power control.

● Uniform cooling: It can meet the requirements of different workpiece hardenability. The quenching system adopts multi-stage spray cooling, and the pressure and flow of spray ring can be adjusted. The steel tube will be placed in the spray ring to ensure uniform pressure and flow, so the steel tube need not be straightened after induction heat treatment. The surface hardness difference is very small.

● Closed-loop temperature control system for steel quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace: We have professional engineers to set process parameters for the system. When the heating temperature is too high or too low, the system will adjust the temperature to the required temperature and reach the required temperature by adjusting the power.

● The “one button” operation: the engineer will design the production process according to the needs of users. PLC man-machine interface control program, this function makes the operation of induction heating furnace more simple, does not require the operator to master professional skills.

● More flexible: When you don’t have a lot of production plan, you can reduce the speed of parts running, according to the proportion of the need to complete, which is very flexible for production planning.



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