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20 years of professional research and development of induction heating equipment, sample can be free to test the machine

Hebei FOREVER has been specialized in research and development, design and production of induction heating equipment for 20 years. The industrial companies specializing in induction heating equipment such as high-end induction heating furnace, quenching heat treatment equipment, and heat treatment production line for quenching and tempering are specialized in producing induction heating equipment with samples free of charge. It has a series of fully automatic induction heating equipment, such as rebar quenching equipment, steel bar quenching equipment, aluminum bar heating equipment, billet heating equipment, steel bar quenching equipment, steel bar heating equipment Rebar heating equipment, steel pipe heating equipment, steel rod heating equipment, rebar heat treatment equipment, steel pipe heat treatment equipment, steel rod heat treatment equipment, rebar heating equipment, rebar heat treatment equipment, Oil casing conditioning equipment and many other induction heating equipment, and export at home and abroad.

20 years of professional research and development of induction heating equipment, sample can be free to test machine, FOREVER machine can be tailored to your process requirements for you to tailor-made induction heating equipment, heat treatment production line. The characteristics of induction heating equipment are as follows:

1. The air-cooled induction heating power supply developed by far extension specialty controls the low power consumption of induction heating equipment and environmental protection and energy saving.

2, induction heating equipment with stable performance, complete protection, high safety

3, quenched and tempered heat treatment production line, heat treatment equipment, fast heating speed, no oxidation layer, no bending, no deformation.

4, induction heating equipment occupies less space, easy to install. The inductor is isolated by the transformer and is safe and reliable. Heat treatment equipment no noise and dust, no pollution, environmental protection.

5.according to the requirements of the user to design sensors, strong adaptability.

6, the heating temperature and time can be accurately controlled, high quality.

7, the program uses PLC control, with man-machine interface, easy to set and change the parameters.

Reduce hardness to improve plasticity and toughness, homogenize chemical composition, remove residual stress, or obtain expected physical properties.

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Post time: 03-22-2019