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What is induction heat treating equipment maintenance?

What is induction heat treating equipment maintenance?


The induction heat treating equipment  five maintenance.

1.Regular check the bolt and contact of  fastening contactor relay of the induction heat treating equipment. If there is some small problem, we should repair in time to avoid big accidents.

2.If using the tap water as the cooling water of the induction heat treating equipment, it will have scale and influence the cooling effect. 

3.Regularly check the load connection is good, the insulation is reliable: oxide skin in diathermy induction coil should be clean up; replace the furnace lining in time if the lining has crack; check the lining carefully after replacing; insulating converter load is set in field, failure rate is relatively high, so the user should  strengthen the load maintenance to prevent failure spread power supply and guarantee the normal operation of the device.

4.The external of SCR should be clean with alcohol to prevent the occurrence of the fault.

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Post time: 06-03-2016