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Steel billet electric induction heating furnace

The steel billet electric heating furnace produced by Hebei Forever Electromechanical is a non-standard product. Please explain the length of the heated workpiece, heating temperature, and the desired effect you want to achieve in the consultation, so that our technical personnel can provide a reasonable quotation and technical solution for the steel billet electric heating furnace! Our steel damaged electric heating furnace is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient, and has received a good reputation from a large number of users. We welcome new and old customers to visit and inspect the company!

The steel billet induction heating equipment is produced and manufactured by Forever Electromechanical, and the induction heating production line is exported to Indonesia, Taiwan, Ethiopia, the United States, Vietnam and other places. Strict detailed process management and product quality assurance, as well as high-quality after-sales service for steel billet induction heating equipment, allow you to choose Forever without any worries!

Characteristics of induction heating furnace for steel billet :

1. The electric heating furnace for steel billets has stable performance, fast heating speed, complete protection, and is controlled by a series resonant power supply.

2. PLC fully automatic control, this console is used separately, with a specially customized human-machine interface, highly user-friendly operation instructions, fully digital and highly adjustable parameters. The steel billet heating equipment has a one click restoration function, and the operation is simple.

3. Adopting the closed-loop control of the American Leitai dual color thermometer, the heating is uniform, without oxide layer, bending, or deformation.

4. The steel damaged electric heating furnace occupies less space and is easy to install.

5. The steel billet induction heating production line is isolated by a transformer, ensuring safety and reliability

6. Steel damage heating medium frequency electric furnace has no noise and dust, no pollution, and is environmentally friendly.

7. Accurate and controllable heating temperature and time, with high quality.

8. The feeding and guiding system of the electric heating furnace for steel billets: each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer, equipped with multiple axis drives, controlled by a single frequency converter to ensure synchronous operation of multiple axes. Famous brands are selected for the components, ensuring reliable quality and stable operation. Using 304 non-magnetic stainless steel guide wheels to maintain moderate elasticity in the axial direction, in order to adapt to the allowable bending range of the steel billet.

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