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Induction heating steel bar for forging

Induction heating steel bar for forging


Steel bar forging is a manufacturing process where steel bar is pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure to produce high-strength parts.Forging steel bar is ideal for application where performance and safety are critical but a higher-weight steel bar is needed for speed or energy efficiency. If you need to heat steel bar for forging, please contact us.We will pay great attention to your inquiry!

Main features

1. Our steel bar induction heating equipment has full protection of over current, over voltage, lack of phase and water shortage.

2. The entire process is easy to operate, and environmentally clean.

3. Reducing pollution of the environment, energy and cost savings will largely.

4. The heat is generated directly in the material, leading to high efficiency and low energy costs.

5. It is also a fast and controllable process, which will improve your throughput.

6. And the heat is very accurate—crucial to meet today’s stringent quality standards.

7. The device is easy to install and operate with small volume and light weight while it is movable.

Our induction forging heating furnace is used for bars forging, bars diathermy, bars rolling in forging industry. What’s more, we can also manufacture induction heat treatment equipment such as hardening tempering production line, surface quenching machine, steel ball rolling production line and so on.

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