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Why should induction heating equipment choose the correct frequency?

Why should induction heating equipment choose the correct frequency?

Hebei Forever is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment in China. Over the past 10 years, it has been working on energy-saving and efficient induction heating equipment. Now the IGBT hardening and tempering furnace is mature and stable, and goes to the market to launch air cooling equipment. So, there are hundreds of induction heating equipment to be used for different application such as heat treatment, forging heating, billet preheating and so on. How to choose the correct frequency?

The selection of the induction heating equipment with unsuitable frequency affects the quality of the heating of the workpiece: the power size; the problem of determining the heating speed and processing efficiency of the workpiece; the heating time is slow, the work work efficiency is low, the heating is uneven, and the temperature can not reach the requirement, which may cause the damage of the workpiece and cause the opposite effect.

How to choose the correct frequency? Please remember the following words:

(1)The larger the diameter of the workpiece is, the lower the frequency is.
(2) The more shallow the quenching layer is, the higher the frequency should be.
(3) The larger the volume of the welding is, the lower the frequency is.

The advantages of surface quenching compared with surface hardening using common heating equipment are:

1.The heating speed is very fast, which can expand the range of A bulk transition temperature and shorten the transformation time.

2. After quenching, extremely fine hidden martensite can be obtained on the surface of the workpiece, and the hardness is slightly higher (2 ~ 3HRC). Low brittleness and high fatigue strength.

3.The workpiece processed by this process is not easy to oxidize and decarburization, and even some workpiece can be directly assembled after processing.

4. The hardened layer is deep and easy to control operation

Forever has set up a variety of advanced professional and technical talents, such as machinery, electronics and heat treatment, and establish long-term cooperative R & D relations with many professional scientific research institutions in China. It has strong technical strength and relies on complete management decisions and strict production management systems to ensure our machines can run with stable performance.

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