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Which kind of induction heat treating furnace for stainless steel is better?

Which kind of induction heat treating furnace for stainless steel is better?

Stainless steel is a metal workpiece with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, polishing performance and high hardness. It has a very wide range of industrial applications.

Stainless steel induction heat treating furnace is specially used for steel quenching and tempering equipment on the market. It is not only energy-saving, efficient, but also very environmentally friendly. It is an important choice for users in the heat treatment process. There are more induction heating equipment manufacturers in the market, so which manufacturer is better? It is recommended for users to be a manufacturer with high comprehensive evaluation of Hebei users.

Hebei is an important production base of induction heat treating furnace. It should be recommended by users. It has many years of experience in production of induction heat treating furnace in the market, and the comprehensive strength of the manufacturers is constantly increasing. The main advantages of the manufacturers are as follows:

1.Advanced technology

On the basis of its own original technology, Forever has absorbed the more advanced stainless steel induction heat treating furnace production process and established a number of research centers. The production technology of stainless steel induction heat treating furnace is optimized and innovating, which makes the production equipment more advanced. A higher economic and social value is obtained in the production.

2.High quality service

In the early stage, the manufacturer not only can choose the suitable stainless steel induction heat treating furnace for the user according to the actual needs of the user, but also can make a reasonable and economical production line according to the needs of the user. In the medium term, the user needs the equipment to be installed and debugged, and the site is trained for the user. Later, Forever will provide technical guidance and accessories services, timely and effective to meet the needs of the replacement of the accessories, reduce the shutdown time of equipment in the operation, making production more continuous.

3.Ultra low price

Forever has more scientific management, and the price positioning for various types of stainless steel heat treatment furnace is also very economical. It effectively reduces the initial expenditure of the users in the purchase of equipment, and makes the users more profitable in the production.

Advantages of stainless steel heat treatment equipment

1. The workpiece after heat treatment by our furnace has high performance and effectively improves the competitiveness of the users.
2.Good sealing, no dust production, reducing the pollution of the working environment.
3.For the electrical system of the equipment, users can centrally control, saving manpower, and facilitate the maintenance and operation of the equipment.
4.Induction coil does not directly contact with workpiece, whether it is workpiece or induction coil will not wear, make the equipment more durable in operation.

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