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Which furnace can do heat treatment for steel bar?

Which furnace can do heat treatment for steel bar?

 Steel bar heat treatment process includes heating, reheating , forging, hot rolling, hot forming, extrusion, hardening ,hardening and tempering and so on.So steel bar heat treatment furnace is very important for industry. Forever Furnace steel bar heat treatment adopts advanced induction heating process which features fast heating and high efficiency.

You should be cautious in steel bar heat treatment:

1.Box type or stepping furnace should pay attention to: overheating, uneven temperature, uneven hardness, heat treatment deformation;

2.IF tempering, quenching should pay attention to:

1) Roller and induction coil installation is not good, the steel pipe will be  easy to bend before hardening.So the roller need frequent adjust alignment.

2)The hardening muddy water must be completely precipitation, filtration, removal of iron oxide and water debris, so as not to plug the nozzle on the hardening spraying.

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Post time: 05-13-2016