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Which brand is good for hardening and tempering furnace for bars?

Which brand is good for hardening and tempering furnace for bars?

In recent years, because of the construction of energy saving and environmental protection, the market development of energy saving and environmental protection hardening and tempering furnace has been greatly moved. At present, energy saving hardening and tempering furnace for solid bars is more popular with its simple structure, small size, high efficiency and large output, and it has become the focus of heat treatment and processing plant. Even though there is many induction heater manufacturers in China, the company that can have the ability to design and produce large production line is very less.

Here, I want to give you the first analysis of Forever induction heat treating furnace.

Firstly,the quality of Forever hardening and tempering furnace is good.

One of the Forever equipment features is that the quality is good because all the core components are used international brands and are integrated into more advanced production processes, strictly controlling every detail, thus ensuring the unlimited reliability of the hardening and tempering furnace, longer than the other similar products, and its failure rate had to be reduced. The number of replacement parts is also reduced by more than half, maintaining the overall stability of the hardening and tempering furnace and saving operation costs.

Secondly, Forever hardening and tempering furnace has good performance.

1.Complete system protection functions, which includes overheating, overpressure, overcurrent, water shortage, automatic alarm and prompt;

2. The heating efficiency is higher than that of the same power equipment. After heat treatment, the bars have stronger rigidity, higher strength, better toughness and better quality, and the market price is more substantial.

3.Good sealing performance, good sealing performance of the furnace, completely eliminating dust pollution during operation, and realizing the pollution-free green production state.

4. The split structure design reduces the floor area and makes installation, operation and maintenance more convenient.

5. Automation control design does not require workshop operators to realize the whole process of computer operation, reducing labor and operation cost every year.

Thirdly, The service of Forever induction heat treating furnace is good

Our company has established a fairly complete after-sales service system to ensure that all customers are enthusiastic, careful and caring.

1.Before selling, to provide customers with comprehensive technical consultation support, induction heating equipment model, parameters, prices and other customers detailed introduction, and lead the customer to test equipment, production process, user site and free visit.

2.Before the equipment out of the factory, we will check every details and test the mechanical part, heating part and power supply.

3.After sales, we will regularly inquiries our user’s the equipment running status. Provide long term technical technical support.

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