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Where can we find reliable manufacturer of pipe hardening and tempering furnace in China?

Where can we find reliable manufacturer of pipe hardening and tempering furnace in China?

Forever is a high-tech private joint-stock enterprise, who has dedicated to the design and production of thousands of induction heaters. Founded in 2006, it is located in the beautiful town of acrobatics base – Wuqiao. Started from forging furnace, we have now developed the production line manufacturer and the main 3 series productions lines including billet inline reheating furnace, round bar heating before rolling, hardening and tempering furnace.

Adopting induction heating equipment to heat steel pipes to obtain high strength steel pipes has been widely applied in China. Medium frequency induction heating furnace has been widely used and has been developing rapidly in recent years. Its power and frequency are higher and higher, the control skills are continuously digitized and the reliability of the system is increasing. The steel pipe reheating furnace has the advantages of safety, reliability, energy saving and environmental protection. All the advantages ensure the induction heating of the flow operation and the normal operation of the production line of the heat treatment, saving labor and cost for the company.

The overall advantages of the steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace are briefly described.

Constant power output: the steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace has faster heating speed, higher work efficiency and obvious power saving effect.

The operation is simple: the pipe hardening and tempering furnace is composed of PLC control and industrial computer control, simplifying the operation and using various heating technologies.

Protection is comprehensive: The workers don’t need to start the machine before 1-2 hours to preheat the furnace. Different sizes of induction heaters are easily to used heating different sizes of pipes, which can reduce the machine investment. What’s the most important is that our induction power supply parameters can adjust automatically, which bring great convenience to our users.

The structure of the furnace body: the unique design makes the workpiece heated evenly by the furnace, improves the energy conversion efficiency, and reduces the influence of the stirring force produced by the magnetic field to the workpiece.

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