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Where can I sell the heating equipment for producing rebar?

Which induction heating equipment for the production of circular steel bars? FOREVER electromechanical manufacturers recommend the use of steel heating equipment, the annual output of 10,000 tons of steel bar heating equipment? The remote extension machine is equipped with the influence of feeder, heating furnace, frequency converter, IGBT induction power supply, (PLC) and other components for the    rebar hot rolling heating system, and different accessories and suppliers are selected to form different quotations.

Steel bar heating equipment is a revolutionary and innovative electric heating equipment. The output of this series of steel heating equipment is more than 2.5 times higher. The emergence of this series of steel bar heating equipment fills the blank of domestic steel bar heating market. Steel bar heating equipment has been applied to processing enterprises in many industries in China and has been well received by users.

What are the advantages of steel heating equipment as a leading product in the market? under the condition that the unit output is equal, its investment is also lower than that of other induction heating equipment, which greatly saves the investment of factory building, infrastructure construction and management costs. FOREVER electromechanical exclusive patent-unique mode of production, new structure transportation frame and roller transmission device, advanced and reasonable. The vibration of the equipment is very small, the noise is low, the mechanical operation is stable and the performance is reliable. High efficiency of steel heating equipment, low power consumption, simple process flow of electric heating equipment, small occupation area, low noise, no dust, low operation cost, low consumption of wear-resistant materials and so on.

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