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What points should be paid attention to when operating Induction heating equipment for Steel Tubes

The main induction heating equipments include induction heating furnace,steel bar induction heating furnace, steel tube heat treatment equipment, rebar heating equipment, forging heating furnace, etc. Plate quenching equipment and many other induction heating equipment, according to your requirements to match your equipment, then in the operation of the induction heating equipment should pay attention to what? The following remote editor answers the following points:

When the induction heating device starts up. There should be designated personnel trained in operation to operate steel tube induction heating equipment. For the safety of operators, it is best to wear protective equipment, such as insulating shoes, insulating gloves and so on. The operator needs to be familiar with the operation process of induction heating furnace in steel tube. First of all, the medium frequency induction power supply should be turned on to ensure the normal operation of induction heating equipment, and the operation should be carried out strictly according to the operation flow given by the remote electromechanical system.


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Post time: 04-15-2019