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What kind of billet induction heating equipment can increase the temperature of billet inline? New profit-making skills!

What kind of billet induction heating equipment can increase the temperature of billet inline? New profit-making skills!

The new type billet induction heating equipment is an electromagnetic induction heating equipment for the global market. It is specially designed to deal with all kinds of hard work. It can improve 10% heat energy efficiency, have excellent performance and excellent profit rate.

Forever has introduced a new heating device called induction billet heater designed for metal applications.

The alternating current produced by the induction heating source produces alternating magnetic field through the induction heating furnace, resulting in alternating current in the steel billet. The eddy makes the atoms inside the billet moving at high speed and irregularly, and the atoms collide and friction to produce heat. Then the billet can be heated within very short time, either cold billet or red billet. That is to say, it is a heating method through converting electric energy into magnetic energy, making steel billet generate the heat inside. The electromagnetic heating method fundamentally solves the problem of low heating efficiency such as induction coil or resistance type heating.

Excellent performance

Compared with old equipment, data can tell everything. The heating and power saving of the billet induction heating equipment increased by 25%, the payload increased by 15%, and at the same time, it has a larger application area. The electromagnetic induction heating equipment is more efficient, the heating time is shorter, the field productivity is higher, and the operation comfort and maintenance convenience are also increased at the same time.

Steel billet induction heating equipment

Equipped with PLC console, it has strong and efficient performance. To minimize emissions and energy consumption,no instructions are required by the manipulators, and the passive regenerative system can automatically clean the motor particulate filter during normal operation, and it will not have a negative impact on the performance.

Full of profits

The billet induction heating equipment is designed for harsh operation tasks, and can provide high productivity and comfortable working environment. The industry leading billet induction heating equipment PLC console equipped with a reasonable arrangement of control devices, provides a better operation experience, thus helping the operator to achieve higher production efficiency.

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