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What is the working principle of steel ball equipment

The working principle of steel ball hot rolling machine is to put carbon pig iron into steel ball equipment, write oxygen, oxidize carbon, release energy and produce steel. After all the carbon is removed, the content of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the furnace decreases, and the iron itself begins to burn, so that about half of the power is consumed in the steelmaking process.

A passive infrared sensor for carbon oxide concentration in steel ball exploration equipment has recently been developed by a team led by Murray Thomson, a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto, and a prototype industrial test has been successfully carried out. The sensor can improve the incineration power of large steelmaking furnaces and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide. Professor Thomson says the use of this skill in all large industrial furnaces in Canada would cut carbon dioxide emissions by 157000 tons a year. Professor Thomson said that if carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels could be explored, oxygen writing could be suspended immediately after carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels had fallen to a certain extent, reducing power consumption.

Professor Thomson shows that the original intention of the skill is to save power and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But now it seems that it can also improve the production power of steel ball equipment and the quality of steel. At present, the University of Toronto has been supported by the Canadian Government’s Sustainable Development skills Program and, in collaboration with relevant parties, is actively marketizing the skills.

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