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What equipment is used for heating steel rods?

When you are facing the  steel bar heat treatment furnace, are you thinking about what kind of equipment do you want to use? the following editor tells you that heating the steel rod can choose the induction heating equipment of the far extension machine. It has more than 20 years experience in induction heating equipment industry, mainly producing: steel bar heating equipment, steel bar quenching equipment, steel bar electric heating furnace, steel bar heat treatment equipment, steel bar quenching equipment, billet heating equipment, etc. Steel bar electric heating equipment, steel pipe heat treatment equipment, steel bar heating equipment, rebar heating equipment, screw steel heat treatment equipment and other induction heating equipment, the equipment performance is stable, long service life, exported at home and abroad.

Deep equipment for heating steel rod-remote induction heating equipment is suitable for the advantages of your steel bar heating equipment: 1, the steel bar can be heated to a very high temperature, up to 850 ℃-1300 ℃, the heating speed is fast;

2, high efficiency of heating production line for rod and wire hot rolling: up to 0.9;

3, rapid heating and cooling rate, up to 10 ℃ / S, rapid and stable regulation process. The temperature of the controlled medium will not appear in advance and lag, which will lead to the instability of the control temperature, and the steel bar heating furnace will be controlled automatically.

4, the steel bar heating equipment has good mechanical properties, because its heating body is a special alloy material, so under the impact of high pressure air flow, it has better mechanical properties and strength than any heating body. This is more superior to the system and accessory tests that need to be continuously heated for a long time.

5, steel bar heating equipment life can be longer than 10 years, is durable; conveyor roller 304 non-magnetic stainless steel material.

6, the induction heating equipment equipped with infrared thermometer system, real-time display of wire temperature in the heating process, heating uniform.

7, steel bar heating equipment pollution-free, safe and reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection, high production efficiency.


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