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What about the steel bar heat treatment furnace used in the steel heat treatment process?

What about the steel bar heat treatment furnace used in the steel heat treatment process?

As a very important member of the induction heating equipment, steel bar heat treatment furnace does not produce pyrotechnics and carbon dioxide, and does not produce fume compared with the traditional gas furnace. It is clean, energy-saving and safe. It is very consistent with the heat treatment process of metal workpiece. Yuantuo steel bar heat treatment furnace has been sold to many overseas countries such as Japan, Serbia, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Iran and so on. What about the quality, capacity, efficiency and power consumption of this machine? Let us tell you.

1. During the heat treatment process, the heating time is short, and the surface oxidation skin of the workpiece is less. Compared with other heat treatment equipment, the workpiece reject rate is very low.

2. The steel tube annealing equipment is electromagnetic induction heating with little heat loss, so the heating speed is fast and the efficiency is high.

3.Steel bar heat treatment furnace can greatly reduce the hardness of the workpiece, eliminate the residual stress of the workpiece, stabilize the size, reduce the deformation and crack tendency, and the hardness of the steel workpiece through our induction heat treating furnace is also lower than the annealing hardness of the ordinary heat treatment furnace.

4.The production process is clean, no harmful substances, workers working conditions are good, can be selective annealing.

5. The PLC console can controls the temperature and achieve accurate control through the infrared thermometer set on the outlet of the furnace.

The demand for metal heat treatment furnace is more than that of the users, and the demand for the production of steel bar heat treatment furnace is higher, so the selection of equipment temperature control elements is very important. This largely determines whether the heat treatment furnace works better. Next, we will briefly introduce the transmission part of the steel bar heat treatment furnace. The roller drive of the metal heat treatment furnace uses the motor and the reducer to drive the chain of traction through the driving device.

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