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Utilization value of plate quenching and tempering equipment

Steel plate hardening tempering equipment has become a good helper in smelting metal casting industry, its utilization value is that we can not imagine

As a kind of heat treatment facility of metal material, sheet metal conditioning equipment has the following unique places:

1. Using the application principle of electromagnetic induction facility to make the burden body heat up, so the heating is fast, the heat disposal cycle is short, and the heat rate is high;

2. The quantity of heating material is kept clean, there is no large number of fires and gases released during the heating process, the pollution is small, and the investment in environmental protection facilities is reduced;

3. As a result of advances in electronic technology, frequency conversion facilities have become smaller and more flexible and easy to contain, facilitate power containment in the thermal disposal process or semi-automation of the thermal disposal process;

4. The transformation heat treatment of metal materials is convenient, especially suitable for small batch and multi-variety casting units.


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