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Technical service for bar pipe heat treatment furnace

Technical service for bar pipe heat treatment furnace

The main use of bar pipe heat treatment furnace: all kinds of metal hardening and tempering heat treatment, single pillar, suspension prop, oil cylinder, piston rod, pipe oil casing, steel rod grinding rod heat treatment and so on.

Bar pipe heat treatment furnace should be characterized as:

The working process of bar pipe heat treatment furnace consists of storage rack, quenching and feeding machinery, quenching heating module, quenching discharging machine, water spray cooling system, tempering feed machine, tempering heating module, heat preservation module, tempering feed machine, unloading frame, etc., Using rational man-machine interface and full automatic PLC industrial control , Forever hardening and tempering furnace has reached the leading level in the same industry in China, and has been praised and promoted by the special management department of coal mine equipment. The bar pipe heat treatment furnace has the tension detection and control device, which makes the steel bar or pipe heated under constant micro tension condition. Because of the temperature has very obvious influence on the product quality, our production line adopts the high precision non contact infrared thermometer, and has the automatic adjustment function of the quenching and tempering closed loop control. The stability of the product quality is ensured.

The support of technical and technical service of bar pipe heat treatment furnace

1. The professional and technical personnel is ready to provide technical support for installation, debugging, testing, inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting for the service of the user at any time.

2.Through technical training guidance and support, to ensure the reliability of the process and improve the final product qualified rate;

3.In order to quickly analyze faults and provide accessories, customer service can be contacted by telephone or network platform.

4.Our warehouse is equipped with commonly used accessories, when necessary, can be provided to users as soon as possible;

5. We also provide matching tools based on production equipment, such as inductors, guideways, and coil (vulnerable parts).

6.We are willing to provide our experience with regard to workpiece inspection, analysis, calculation, equipment modification, product change and program expansion.

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