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Supplying efficient solutions for induction heat treatment

Supplying  efficient solutions for induction heat treatment

 Forever Furnace company is a professional induction heat treating equipment manufacturers and suppliers.Also we  provide free and efficient Induction heating system  solutions.Relying on  wealth  experience in induction heating field and high quality after-sales service to build  the most competitive  induction heating equipment in the domestic market . The metal heat treatment equipment is a typical application of  Induction heat treating equipment

 Applications of the Metal heat treatment equipment:

  • Diamond tools, carbide cutting tools welding;
  • Various metal steel – steel, steel – copper, copper – copper equivalent metal or high-frequency welding dissimilar metals;
  • Hardening, annealing, quenching, tempering and other heat treatment of metallic materials;
  • Metal forging, heat molding;
  • Other required for heating the metal field;
  • Cured organic coating;
  • Monocrystalline silicon stretch heating;

 Forever Furnace company  is your  good choice for buying Metal heat treatment equipment with different shopping experience.

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Post time: 06-20-2016