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Steel plate induction quenching furnace technical indicators are like this!

Steel plate induction quenching furnace technical indicators are like this!

Forever Electromechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional induction heating equipment manufacturer. It has 20 years of production experience to build plate induction quenching furnace, billet induction heating furnace, steel bar quenching and tempering equipment, steel pipe quenching heat treatment production line, sucker rod quenching heat treatment furnace, induction forging furnace and so on. What is the technical specification of the steel plate induction quenching furnace ?

Technical specification for steel plate induction quenching furnace:

Forever machine can handle the thinnest 2 mm and the longest 12.5 m steel plate or sheet. The flatness after quenching is less than 3 mm/m2, and the hardness value (dHB) deviation on the same steel sheet does not exceed 0.3 mm. Forever has a professional induction heating equipment technology research and development, design team.

The steel plate quenching furnace is suitable for heat treatment of high strength steel plate, armored bullet-proof plate (military 616, 6211, etc.) and wear-resistant plate (NM400, etc.). The production line of plate induction quenching furnace consists of feeding system, induction heating system, quenching cooling system, temperature control system, output system and PLC control system.

The steel plate heat treatment equipment adopts fixed quenching method. Through reasonable water route and structure design, the uniformity of spray quenching can be ensured, and the high flatness of the steel plate can be obtained by maintaining the pressure of the head, avoiding the soft spot and obtaining the best comprehensive performance. This steel plate quenching heat treatment production line technology level is in the domestic leading position, which has sheating uniform, good hardenability.

Through computer simulation technology, the steel plate induction quenching furnace simulates the change of plate shape in the process of steel plate quenching heat treatment, designs the water route and sprinkler head layout reasonably, guarantees the uniformity of spray quenching.

According to the production capacity calculation of the steel plate quenching heat treatment production line, the steel plate in the furnace can be heated in the form of swing in the furnace, thereby reducing the length of the furnace, reducing input and energy consumption and achieving the best economic steel plate.

The whole steel plate induction quenching furnace is controlled by PLC, and the whole line is intelligent and automatic. The automatic control system has the functions of material tracking, temperature control, protective atmosphere control, heat balance data analysis, fault alarm. 


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