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Steel pipe heating furnace for sales

 Steel pipe heating furnace for sales

Forever furnace company’s steel pipe heating furnace has earn a good reputation for its perfect performance.Our company  is a professional manufacture for the steel pipe heating furnace and steel pipe heating equipment depend our advanced induction heating system.

The main features and advantages of steel pipe heating furnace:

1. Temperature closed-loop system: Forever unique feed forward+feedback joint control method–the feedforward system will automatically match the setting power value according to charging temperature and position; The feedback system will correct the power value further according to the tapping temperature. The tapping temperature difference will be controlled in 20℃under the condition that the charging furnace temperature is 300 ℃.

2.Feeding system:Independent motor reducer drive for each axis, independent inverter control; flexible design speed differential output, section speed control.

3.Making use of all saving potentials and the labor savings through high degree of automation.

4.Recipe management function.Powerful recipe management system–after inputting parameters of steel   grade, outer diameter and wall thickness, this system can automatically call relevant parameters, no need to manually record, check, input required parameters for various work piece.

5.Timely detection and prevention of downtime root cause faults.

Our company also supply you the good after-sales service to make sure that the clients using the heating furnace no worries.Please to visit our company’s website to find more information about the heating furnace and other induction heat treating equipment.


Post time: 07-12-2016