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Steel Billet induction heating machine

The continuous casting Steel billet heating equipment is a kind of induction heating equipment, which has a long history, but it has an important position in the mine, building materials, mechanical parts and other industries. Because the heating ratio is large, the structure is simple, the performance is reliable, the service is simple and convenient, the product is heated evenly, the operation cost is low and the like, and the role of the big brother stage is played in a plurality of induction heating equipment. The continuous casting blank heating furnace consists of an upper material feeding mechanism, a conveying motor, a conveying material mechanism, an induction heating device body, an IGBT intermediate frequency power supply, a PLC console, a frequency converter and the like, wherein the production mode is electromagnetic heating, and the working condition is as follows: The upper and lower material rack and the material conveying mechanism are driven by a motor, and when the steel billet is conveyed to a heating furnace for rapid heating, the temperature required by other users is reached, air cooling is eliminated; and the whole continuous casting blank heating furnace is controlled by a PLC, and the motor is used for repeatedly moving, heating and transmitting materials, and the production is realized.

The outstanding performance of the continuous casting blank heating furnace is as a long-term mechanical and electrical machine which has more than ten years of induction heating equipment industry engineering experience, and on the basis of the original basis, the original advantages are maintained through a large number of research and test, the performance of the induction heating equipment is improved, the production efficiency is improved, The developed continuous casting billet heating furnace can meet the production requirements of a large number of users, has obtained a lot of praise, and has received the repos and recommendation of a large number of customers. the continuous casting billet heating furnace produced by the far-end machine has the following advantages that:

1, the body area is large, the feeding capacity is improved, the production yield is increased;

2, the machine body adopts a reasonable production line type design, can effectively reduce the vibration and enable the machine to operate stably;

3, The furnace body of the induction heating equipment can be designed and customized according to the requirements of the user and can meet the production requirements of customers in different industries;

4, the production process can effectively reduce the dust and the noise according to the national environmental protection standard, and meet the green production of the enterprise.


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