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Steel billet heating furnace can save energy and reduce consumption-Forever furnace

Increasing labor productivity and reducing production costs to achieve greater economic benefits is always the goal of heat treatment production and all enterprises. The heating and cooling of the steel billet heating furnace in the heat treatment process will change the shape and size of the metal workpiece after treatment. The processing allowance is eliminated by the reprocessing method. The deformation excess will cause the waste to be lost, and the material and resources have been lost. Workpiece deformation will also affect the interchangeability and reduce the precision of operation, resulting in low efficiency, energy consumption and noise. For this reason, zero distortion in heat treatment is very important, which depends on the precise production of heat treatment process.

The important prerequisite for achieving high production efficiency is batch production of single species. Under the condition of large scale and large-scale production, the application of automatic, quality online information, simulation of process parameters and quality effects and adaptive control can greatly improve production efficiency in the production process of steel billet heating furnace. The intermediate frequency steel billet heating furnace realizes the unmanned operation, which can completely eliminate the artificial fault factors and ensure the low dispersion of the product quality.


The steel billet heating furnace that shortens the production cycle can save energy and improve production efficiency. Improving the reliability of steel billet heating furnace and reducing the failure rate can reduce maintenance times and reduce auxiliary time. It is also possible to increase production efficiency by using flexible equipment and multi-purpose production line in multi variety and small batch production mode.

Steel billet heating furnace is heat treatment equipment which is currently used in mechanical manufacturing. In the face of the new situation, it is necessary to carefully analyze the requirements of the development of the machinery industry and to make necessary adjustments to the work of the enterprise in the light of the development characteristics of the heat treatment industry.

In recent years, China’s induction heat treatment furnace industry has made a series of gratifying achievements: in the aspects of quality management, technical transformation, specialization and opening to the outside world, there are some different degrees of progress. Intermediate frequency steel billet heating furnace has many advantages, such as fast heating, energy saving, non oxidizing and decarburization, non polluting environment and high production efficiency. These advantages are widely recognized by heat treatment workers, so the development of induction heating technology has been developed rapidly in the last decade.


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