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Steel billet continous casting induction heating furnace


The continuous casting billet heating furnace is mainly used for heating before cold billet rolling and temperature increase and compensation of continuous casting billet. Due to the relatively high power of large batch of cold billet heating equipment, the transformer capacity required for power supply will be large, and the energy saving effect is not obvious. When it is used for billet heating, because only the surface heating can meet the rolling requirements, the energy saving effect is very obvious, so the billet induction heating furnace is mainly used for billet heating.

Due to the different temperatures, the power consumption per ton of billet is generally 15 ~ 50 degrees.

The whole set of billet induction reheating machine is mainly composed of high-power full digital frequency conversion power supply, induction heating coil, frequency conversion feeding system and cooling circulation system.

Forever steel billet induction reheating furnace adopts electromagnetic induction heating technology, infrared temperature measurement feedback and remote intelligent control system. It has the characteristics of fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarburization, high temperature control accuracy, real-time monitoring of production conditions and easy digital automatic operation.

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